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Welcome to MalibuInvests.  This website is the home of MalibuInvests and we are now proud to announce that we are the home of SectorSurfer University.  SectorSurfer is an alternative investing program for those investors willing to think for themselves.  This is not a registered site (i.e. registered through the SEC or FINRA) and SectorSurfer is  a user responsibility program while SectorSurfer University, provided by Richard Erkes, provides educational support for those willing to work with SectorSurfer.


Mr. Erkes background includes over 50 years or active investing.  He has worked as a broker, advisor fund manager and a member of National Securities and Commodity Exchanges.  In that capacity he was an independent trader for over 20 years on the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchanges.  His background information is still on file at those institutions.


As a result of his experience, Mr. Erkes' investment views are unique and significantly different from those of widely advertised providers.  His specific views will be progressively discussed on his blog, which can be accesses at sectorsurferuniversity.blogspot.com


Richard's work will be focused exclusively through SectorSurfer University; an entirely educational endeavor whose sole aim is to explain the workings of the SectorSurfer tool for those wishing to use big data to aid in deciding which mutual fund or ETF currently shows the best longer term momentum for investment.


To learn more about how SectorSurfer will help you, please complete the information request form and Richard will contact you and set up a free introductory meeting.



Contact Richard Erkes at MalibuInvests' SectorSurferAdvisor.com and ask for your free SectorSurfer University consultation