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MalibuInvests provides personalized retirement and investment education dedicated to teaching you how SectorSurfer's high performance investment algorithms make it easy to take control of your investment results.  You can level the performance playing field with Wall Street, and virtually eliminate investment management fees. 

Malibu Invests is proud to announce our affiliation as a principal in SectorSurfer University, which is facilitated through our new site SectorSurfer Advisor.  SectorSurfer University is entirely dedicated to education about the use of SectorSurfer's advanced algorithms for momentum and diversity in selection of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and mutual funds.  For more information about the program and for new users, please browse to SectorSurfer.

The SectorSurfer tool is the most cost effiecient and productive selection process available for use by the individual investor.  The basic investing parameters for this product are momentum and diversification.  As an active investor for over 40 years, Richard Erkes, principal at MalibuInvests and SectorSurfer Advsor, believes this is the most appropriate tool available for use in today's volatile investment world.

Mr. Erkes background includes many years as a floor trader on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, where he was a founding member, the Chicago Board of Trade, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  He also served as Chair of the State of Illinois Retirement Board.

As a result of this background, Richard is uniquely qualified to serve as an educator for the algorithm driven SectorSurfer program.  He has had personal experience as a SectorSurfer user and understands how the program works.  In combination with real life experience as a floor trader and fund manager Richard looks forward to providing you with solid assistance so that you may comfortably use this innovative new product for individual investors.  Training is on a fee-based basis beginning at an hourly cost of $75.

Richard Erkes also writes a blog where he discusses his views on related topics. 




Contact Richard Erkes at MalibuInvests' SectorSurferAdvisor.com and ask for your free SectorSurfer University consultation