Richard Erkes, MalibuInvests founder


Most investors waste thousands of dollars every year on simple things that can be done by them online. This pertains particularly to their stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds and other commonly traded financial instruments. Many investors have similar goals.

Common aims are usually:
  1. Protection of principal.
  2. Keeping pace with inflation.
  3. Availability of funds to use for unusual financial events.
I can help you achieve all of these.

In addition to the above, I strongly believe a portion of available funds should be invested in a “strategic portfolio”. This allocation of your funds should have the strength to withstand vicissitudes of the political and financial worlds. We can discuss the composition of this “strategic portfolio” when we meet in person.

Armed with these goals, and a desire to protect a portion of your assets in this way, you can be self-empowered to implement the goals. You can do what many advisors suggest without paying large costs. Why pay retail? It’s now possible to complete these online and pay only wholesale fees.
We can together discuss, with NO CHARGE to you, ways in which you can implement this type of plan. We will develop an outline of ways for you to invest wisely. This initial discussion is TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE.

Should you wish to implement this plan, I can help guide you. We offer a fee-based program to prepare you to make very cost efficient investments; these will reflect your individual goals. This phase should take no longer than six months. In any substantial portfolio your savings will well cover these fees.

After initial implementation, I’d suggest follow up and continuing consultation, which is also fee based. Included in these follow-ups would be my personal updates and pertinent third party research.

The key task is to have our INITIAL FREE DISCUSSION to see if these plans can work for you. Please email me at our website contact below so we may arrange for an initial consultation.