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Richard Erkes is an investment professional with a long history in the industry.  He began his career in 1960 with EF Hutton and took off from there.  His career high points include stints as Managing Partner Dearborn Partners, Regional Director AAII Los Angeles, and as a Founding Member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and Chairman of the Board of the State of Illinois Retirement System. 

Based upon his experience, or maybe despite it, Richard is now venturing into new territory, working on the MilleniumWave 2000 project as a contibutor, and launching Invest 2.0.16 through which he is assisting in the formation of discussion groups where new paradigms can be considered, including such things as Bitcoin and robotics.

Richard believes that the savings and investment worlds should become more transparent with regard to fees and charges, and techniques savers and investors can use to level the playing field.  Please join Richard in a face to face interactive discussion - a way to help better prepare for your future - on the possible impact of a dramatically changing future for your personal investments, including the changing nature of work and pay, technological interconnectedness, new payment systems.

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